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Welcome to VIPS in Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five!

VIPS are Volunteers in Public Schools who are caring, compassionate, committed adults who donate their time to help a child or youth achieve greater academic, social and career successes. Consider making a difference by joining VIPS!

Please follow these steps to become a VIPS:

Step 1: Click on LINKS under the Community tab to complete the secure on-line Volunteer Application. You will be emailed when your application has been received for processing.

Step 2: The national background check typically takes up to 2 weeks.

Step 3: Once you are cleared to volunteer, you will be mailed a Secure Volunteer Identification Card to present at any of the district's schools.
Step 4: Contact the guidance counselor at your school of interest to complete a 30 minute volunteer orientation session.
Step 5: Check in at your school's main office each time you volunteer.
Step 6: Remember that you make a difference and are appreciated!

Camille Proveaux

Volunteer Coordinator

Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five

Phone: 803.533.7942

Fax: 803.535.1661
[email protected]


578 Ellis Avenue | Orangeburg, SC 29115